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S/C&D/C PET Tape Series


Product Introduction

This series is consist of PET backing and acrylic adhesive, with one side coated or two sides coated with adhesive to make single sided tape or double sided tape.


There are three kinds of PET tapes: removable PET tapes, high adhesion PET tapes (LSE surface application too) and anti-repulsion PET tapes. Tape thickness ranges from 0.01mm to 0.2mm. Removable PET tape can be removed without residual adhesive, even after high temp/high humidity test.  High adhesion PET tape has good bonding strength on most substrates.  Anti-repulsion PET tapes has good ability to resist internal force to avoid delamination.



Typically used to mounting electronics parts, foam lamination, nameplates assembly, LCD modules assembly, Logo bonding. It can be also used as packaging assembly. For some bent/folded substrate mounting, anti-repulsion PET tapes is good choice.


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